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Skeena LNG Project Introduction

Top Speed Energy is proposing to construct and operate a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility called Skeena LNG in northern British Columbia adjacent to the Northwest Regional Airport in Terrace. The facility will provide LNG to both: domestic markets in northern BC and the Yukon; and international markets through the Port of Prince Rupert.

The Skeena LNG Project consists of the following components:


  • Receiving natural gas from a nearby pipeline

  • Receiving power from nearby BC Hydro transmission lines

  • Treating the natural gas and liquefying it into LNG with process facilities that use renewable BC Hydro power to minimize emissions

  • Transferring the LNG into containerized tanks called ISO containers and sometimes referred to as isotainers

  • Storing the isotainers on site for short periods of time until it is time to load them onto trucks for delivery to domestic or international markets

  • Receiving empty containers back for storage and re-filling with LNG

The total capacity of the project is planned to be 150,000 tonnes per year, or about 0.6% the total volume currently being developed by LNG Canada in Kitimat.


Skeena LNG proposes to be one of the tenants in the Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (QETDZ) Industrial Park located on the Skeena Industrial Development Park Lands, located near the Northwest Regional Airport (see inset below). The lead proponent of QETDZ, Taisheng International Investment Services, purchased the 1,187 acre QETDZ lands in 2014 and signed a development agreement with the City

of Terrace for the property.

QETDZ Industrial Park and Skeena LNG Sit
QETDZ Industrial Park and Skeena LNG Site
Skeena LNG Site 2.png
Northwest Regional Airport
QETDZ Industrial Park and Skeena LNG Site


Domestic markets for LNG include fuels for marine vessels, trucks, locomotives, and power generation in remote northern communities and mine sites. LNG will be delivered by trucks.


International markets for LNG include the same users as above with the strongest demand in Asian countries. The LNG in isotainers from the Skeena LNG Project will be trucked to Fairview Container Terminal in Prince Rupert and loaded onto the same container carrying vessels that now use the facility and with the same container handling equipment (see inset below). The number of containers from the Skeena LNG Project is expected to be handled within the existing capacity of the Fairview Container Terminal and is not a specific driver for further terminal expansion.

SkeenaLNG Markets.png


As the Skeena LNG Project fits with the City of Terrace’s industrial zoning for the land parcel and the Project falls well below federal and provincial requirements for an environmental assessment, the primary permitting agency will be the BC Oil & Gas Commission (OGC). The Project will be submitting a Facility Permit Application to the OGC in addition to other applications required by the City of Terrace.

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