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About Liquefied Natural Gas

Many people in need of energy are located far from gas fields, making pipelines too impractical or costly to build. To get around this problem, gas can be cooled to make a liquid, shrinking its volume for easier, safer storage and shipping overseas. By cooling natural gas to liquid form, it can be safely and easily transported to end users that don’t have access to a natural gas pipeline. 



  • Natural gas is the most used energy in Canadian homes – over 6 million households.

  • Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and is used in many places in the world.

  • LNG is odourless, colourless, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and less dense than water.

The Environmental Case for Natural Gas:
Natural gas offers many potential benefits if it displaces more polluting fuels.
  • As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas has the capability to support the development of renewable energy such as wind and solar energy.

  • Less expensive than diesel for comparable energy output. Relatively stable delivered price vs. oil based fuels.

  • Cleaner burning and more environmentally friendly: Natural gas produces the lowest amount of CO2 emissions of the fossil fuels.

Natural gas is the most efficient and economical fossil fuel:
Conversion of energy can exceed 90% efficiency, far greater than any other energy source.
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